Create New Deal

To create a new deal:

  1. On Salesshaper, go to Deals and click on the icon.
  2. On 'Add or select an account', you can either stay on the New Account tab to create a new account for the new action, or select an existing lead or customer account to proceed.
    If you want to create a new account, enter the new account name in the given field and click NEXT. You will need to confirm the account name, followed by entering the account details and background. After these steps, you’ll land on step 3.
    Alternatively, click on the Leads tab to select a lead, or Customers to select a customer.
  3. You will come to this step after selecting or creating an account. Here, enter the new deal name and its amount, status and stage, and select a date you expect the deal to be closed.
  4. On the "Products/Services Interested In" section, click to add a product to your deal.
    You can select multiple products from the list. Once you have selected all desired products, click OK.
    The selected products will appear on the "Products/Services Interested In" section. You can change the quantity if necessary.
  5. Next, enter some description into the "Journal Update" field, if any. This field is optional- you can leave it blank to proceed.
  6. If you need to upload any files with regards to the deal, tap on the upload icons to do so.
  7. If you’d like your manager to be informed immediately when this deal is updated, check the "Need manager's attention" checkbox.
  8. Once you have entered all information about the new deal, click NEXT.
    You will be asked whether you want to add a next action for the deal. Select YES if you want to create a new action on the next step. Otherwise, just tap NO.

To add a next action, simply fill in the action name, select the action type, and provide the due date (and location if you are creating an appointment), reminder option, customer reminder option and click NEXT.

Find out more about creating follow-up action and appointment action.

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