In Salesshaper, you can create lead or customer accounts. With the accounts you can keep a record on your customer’s contacts or start managing your deals and actions with the respective accounts.

To create a new account in Salesshaper:

  1. Click the icon on top right of the screen and click Accounts.
  2. Click the icon.

  3. On ‘Add new account’, enter the new account name in the given field.
  4. Click on the radio button to create the account as a "Lead" or "Customer".
  5. Click OK to confirm the account name.
  6. The system then checks if there are any existing accounts with similar names. If there is no exact match, you may proceed by tapping OK.
  7. Then, enter the account details in the fields provided.
  8. When you reach the Contacts section, click the icon to add a new contact. You can choose to add a contact manually by selecting ADD NEW CONTACT, or import details of contact from your address book by choosing IMPORT FROM ADDRESS BOOK.
    Note that you must add at least one contact for any account.
  9. Next, select how the lead is acquired from the "Lead acquired from" selection field, and the source from the "Source" selection field.
  10. Lastly, enter the background information of the account into the "Customer Background" field.
  11. Once you have entered all necessary details, click OK to create the account.

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