Check In Appointment

You can proceed to check in on SalesShaper when you have arrived at the appointment location. To do so:

  1. Launch Salesshaper and go to Action.
  2. From the action list, click on the specific appointment action.
  3. Click on the CHECK IN button.
  4. On the 'Update deal information' screen, you can add, modify or remove products on the "Products/Services Interested In" section.

  5. Write the discussion or conclusion of the appointment or meeting in the “Journal Update” field. You can also upload images, videos, voice notes and other files by tapping on the attachment icons.

  6. Once you have recorded all necessary notes, you can make changes to the deal's amount, expected closing date, status or stage.
  7. If you’d like your manager to be informed immediately when this deal is updated, check the "Need manager's attention" checkbox.
  8. Once you are done, you can update the information with or without adding a next action.
    Click UPDATE if you want to update the journal and deal information only. Otherwise, click UPDATE & ADD NEXT ACTIONS to add a next action.

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