Import Products

You can use SalesShaper import feature to import all products and services into the system, without the need to create them one-by-one.
Please check the import guidelines before proceeding to the import action, how to import products below.

Note that only Sales Manager and Assistant Sales Manager can access to the import feature.


Import Guidelines

Before you proceed to import your products, please download our csv template for products import- products_sample.csv and make sure to map these fields when you import.

Field/Column Name Mandatory? Description
Product Name Yes The name of product or service
Description No The description of product or service


You can leave blank for columns that are not mandatory.


Import Products to SalesShaper

To import products:

  1. Login to your account via web portal.
  2. Select PRODUCTS from the menu panel, and click IMPORT.
  3. Click BROWSE....
  4. Select the source file.
  5. Click PROCEED.
  6. You can preview the product list before proceeding to import them. Click IMPORT to import the products.

The products will be created automatically in the list.

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